Santa and the Apple Injectors vs Joseph's preparing for the famine (banned YouTube video)

This message is for the Bride of Christ, the remnant chosen by grace – The Lord is warning the remnant within the Bride - not to be deceived


This message is for the Bride of Christ, the remnant chosen by grace – The Lord is warning the remnant within the Bride - not to be deceived and to be awake in this time.

There are a couple of bible verses that say that the Lord will provide for your needs, like Philippians 4:19: “My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus”.  

The Lord sure did provide for the Israelites in the desert for 40 years, that is very well known. Now I hear allot of teachers, pastors and people saying … The Lord will provide for me and my family when the time comes– thus they are not willing to prepare for the prophesied famine that is coming.


The Prophesied famine:

This prophesied famine refers to revelation 13 – : “It forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or their foreheads… so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the Mark.”

Let’s recap on what will be the MARK: Everything that happened in the beginning will again happen at the end:   Remember what the Serpent said to Eve about eating the APPLE: “You will surely NOT die.

The technology controlling you with your APPLE history and covid history will be that mark. Currently some countries are using a cellphone app and others want to implement this green vaccine passport. To avoid fraud and fake APPLE certificates – they will implement this technology that will give them the information they need on you to BUY and SELL.  See what is currently developing and what is being said… they want to stop you from accessing malls and businesses if you don’t take that Apple – thus stopping you from BUYING AND SELLING – is this not what Revelation 13 refers to?  

The world and South Africa are busy forcing this APPLE passport on the people, children, universities and businesses… AND yes in South Africa it is not so easy to change LAW to enforce this on it citizens BUT –they will surely find the way – like they enforced Property Rates and Taxes onus, like they enforce increased taxes on us. They for example will either block your social grand payout until you get the Apple injection, or you would not be able to buy PRE-PAID electricity unless you APPLE yourself.  Be aware that they will find a crafty way to ENFORCE this on you – and after this PAPER APPLE passport, the Paper will be replaced with a QR code/MARK on your body, because the prophecies in the book of Revelation and Daniel will be fulfilled.This event is not some distance bible prophecy – it is right in front of us.

If the current Apple injectors does not wake up now, you will be caught off guard by the time the technology/MARK comes that you will have no other option than to take the MARK because you DID NOT PREPARE for the coming famine.

Santa claus and his elves:

Do not be deceived - those that are trying to save their lives will lose it – but those that ARE willing to lay down the freshly lives for the Lord will be saved.  

This ONE WORLD ORDER AGENDA plans to chain you to your fleshy lives – promises of travel and lively large in business and malls …. All the who’s who of the FINANCIAL institutions in the world and especially in SOUTH AFRICA like the DISCOVERY, SANLAM, MOMENTUM, PSG etc – note it is the institutions that were shooting the loudest to get the APPLE injection in the last couple of months in the media – all their so called LEADERS visited DAVOS over the last couple of years.  They know the agenda of Davos, and for those who does not know who Santa Claus is – here is a preview of the DAVOS agenda and their plan for YOU in the next couple of years….


The Lost Sheep:

My people have become lost sheep, their shepherds have led them astray…

Currently the pastors that preach to their people to get the APPLE injection – don’t they see the connection with Revelation 13?  Unless the Lord changes that protein liquid inside of the Apple Injectors in His Grace – they would not be able to complete their destiny that they agreed to – the agreement they made with HIM before the foundation of the earth.  

NOT many of the so-called pastors or “church leaders”, the sheep follow is called by Yahweh, Yeshua. Because they studied a couple of years and wrote a couple of exams – it does not give them the authority to lead God’s people.  Unless the LORD Called you to be a Shephard or prophet etc – you’ve got no authority to speak for HIM.  If you speak out of the flesh for the people– you will lead the people astray.

Wake up people … seek the FACE of the FATHER, and stop listening to the self-appointed pastors, prophets and leaders.  Those of them that LOVE their titles, beware of them.  When Jesus, Yeshua the Son of God walked the earth – not even HIM had a title while being on this earth … He only received the name above all names AFTER He was 100% obedient to the Father to die for you…

Life of Joseph:

Remember the life of Joseph – HE knew what was laying ahead for the people of Egypt, so he applied his mind and in WISDOM and Prepared for the famine.   The Israelites in the desert did not have the time to prepare to wander a desert for 40 years, BUT Joseph and us now, have been giving the GRACE to know BEFOREHAND what is about to happen.  

If you say … the Lord will provide for me in those times…. but you did have the money and time to actually prepare … you are mocking God and you ARE being selfish and a fool. Do not be deceived.  God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

How can you prepare for your next holiday, your new coffees hop restaurant, and you can save for months for your new x-box – BUT you cannot simply prepare for a time of famine - a time when you will not being able to buy and sell – unless you take that QR MARK on your body – the technology linked to your apple and COVID history.

Currently the APPLE injectors wants to bully, manipulate and enforce on you a premature death – and since you kindly decline their APPLE invitation, they are stepping up the manipulation, domination and control to limit your freedom of traveling and buying food and doing business.  If you don’t prepare for the coming famine -you will be FORCED to take the APPLE injection to let your family eat.  And by this time the Apple PASSPORT will not be on a piece of paper… but a mark on your body.

You have been warned.

While seeing the signs of the approaching time of famine –in other words, the time of not being able to buy or sell - Only a fool will say – that the Lord will provide, without making any effort to prepare.  

The Lord in His grace gives us time to prepare…



Your actually need to prepare for yourself, your family and the community around you

If you have the ways and the means to prepare something – do it, because no neighbor is going to keep an extra toothbrush or an extra pair of underwear for you.  Start small, get a backpack with your essential goods.  

While google is still your friend, there is many websites that gives tips on how to prepare for emergencies, but you need to seek HIS Face to WHERE, WHAT AND HOW?  It is very important.  Don’t waste your time on anything else – seek Him – He will surely lead you.  

Here are some tips to prepare for the days ahead - I will add the contact information links in the comments.  Like and subscribe if you want to be informed in the future.

Stock up on lots of uncontaminated seeds and in the months that you can not plant, you can stock up on dried vegetables and fruit at low costs. Most can-food currently expire only in 2024, and what is important is“Tomato and Onion mix” and “Red Kidney beams”. You can basically eat that with any rice, pap, pasta. Others things to remember will be like Jelly, GAME cooldrink and peanut butter.  SALT is very important and spices and condensed milk power.  As you visit the shops currently – buy extra each week with the things you currently use.  Remember rechargeable batteries, globes and things that you would need if you cant buy or sell.  We will surely be able to trade with each other – but we need to be wise in this preparation time, since the remaining preparation time is very short.

For preparation – froze your un-canned food for 3 days, then add them to containers, seal the containers with rubber strips, then add some bailey leaves and candles.  Store this is a dark room.

Apart from WATER, food and goods supply you need to buy and store for yourself vitamin C, D, Zink, Omega 3, Ivermectin, Acc200 and other medial essentials for the time we are going in. There will be a time that we will not be able to visit a doctor unless you took the APPLE injection.  The Anti-Apple Doctors will be far and few between. We can trust that the Lord will keep and shield us against sickness and other accidents, but we need to be wise in stocking up on our medial supplies to help and care for the people in our environment.  Another great product I discovered that prevent COVID almost to 0% with daily use is VIROCYDIN and if you drink it while having COVID it will cure you.  This Pretoria doctor develop this antiviral product last year and more than 3000+ patients used this product and survived COVID.  

Let me know if you need any additional information.

We are in the final phases for you to prepare for these last days – After the coming doom and gloom a new chapter will begin - The millennium reign spoken about in the book of Revelation.  

Bride of Christ - Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves, be therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

Some tips on preparing...

  1. Uncontaminated seeds
  4. VIROCYDIN (DR Stefan Schoeman) - 0822665472

Let me know if you need any additional information.


This video was banned within 4 hours from YouTube


  • 0:00 - Introdution
  • 0:51 - The Prophesied famine
  • 4:05 - Santa claus and his elves
  • 8:00 - The Lost Sheep
  • 9:23 - Life of Joseph
  • 12:07 - Preparing…

Key takeaways

  • Don't get apple injected
  • Beware of Santa and the elves and the self-appointed pastors and leaders
  • Prepare for the prophesied famine

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