Through the eye of the needle (2021/09/29)

I want you to look through the eye of the needle.  

Many will not even try and look through it,but you will – and through this place almost no-one will look - you will find Me.

My remnant will find Me. Narrow is the road that leads to ME, but not many finds it.

If you look through the eye of the needle – a whole new revelation will unfold.  You will see through My eyes – it is the place where no one will come and look.

If you look through the eye of the needle your eye-sight will became like a sword that shines and your ears will hear the frequencies of depth only preserved for My remnant for a time such as this.

My remnant, yearned and longed to see clearer and hear better.  The time is here to unlock that door for them.  Because they waited and obediently hide in My shadow,

And did not partake on what the world can offer them for a solution,

but because My remnant waited, patiently with endurance for ME to come forth

– NOW I will reward her, MY remnant with single-mind-vision and hearing to SEE AND HEAR the unlocking of the secrets that has been kept for a time such as this.  

If you keep close to ME and keep walking close to ME, by just simply giving your heart to ME, as your bridegroom and honor ME as your husband– I WILL continue to show you things – hidden things that are only permitted to be shown to MY remnant.  The rest will not be able to see and hear it.  It will be like a black-hole for them.

As I reveal the secrets and mysteries to MY remnant

– the world will turn for the rest, but for MY beloved -  time will be slowed down in order to calm you in MY grace.  Things are going to fill this earth at a rapid speed and the world will struggle to keep up with the pace of what is happening – and because they did not listen to the warnings of MY prophets – it will overwhelm them and they will be bewildered.  They will call for ME, but I will hide Myself.

Only MY remnant I will seal, because she laid down her life for ME – and not tried to save her own life.

I will slow down the events for MY remnant.  

That is MY grace and MY remnant will be protected – as I protected MY people in Egypt in the days of Moses.  The plagues will come – only MY remnant will be spared – the rest will endure the events.

I will make MY remnant strong and bold – and you will SEE and HEAR – as you are the man-child in Revelation 12.  You are MY treasured possession, BUT you need to endure what is going to befall on the earth. I never rescued My people before a tribulation.  Tribulation shapes the character of people.This tribulation will be the final phase – before you will be MY pearl of great price.

MY remnant will be My pearl.

Prepare for the coming famine. Like the days of Joseph, you also now know what is laying ahead – you need to prepare – the time of not buying and selling draws very close and MY remnant will be given wisdom and understanding to prepare for the famine.  

The rest of the world is blind – I gave them over to the desires of their hearts.  They will be caught of guard as the days of Noah – still planning for their selfish lives.

MY remnant will be prepared for the coming days.

I am turning the keys and you will enter a door – through the eye of the needle – for great eye- and ear sight – so that you can understand what the Spirit is saying.

Key takeaways

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