Follow the Fire & the Cloud when the unlocking of the secrets begin (20210405)

The secrets which are about to be revealed will be the keys to unlock the escape path.

Deborah, many things about the end times of these times on earth is not yet revealed.  Many go “to and fro” to find it, but only knowledge increase.  MY secrets about events and unfolding prophecy are not yet revealed - for no one knows the hour but the Father.  The season you will discern, but not the hour.  

For Him a thousand years is as one day.  So, what does a hour mean on earth or in heaven?The time has come for the secrets, MY hidden treasures to be revealed.  I chose a couple of writers to reveal these secrets.  These writers were chosen by the Father.  Hand-picked; like a pearl of great price.  I will now start to reveal these secrets, the secrets that was sealed by MY prophet Daniel for a time at the end.  

These secrets I will now release through MY chosen prophets: to write – to reveal to MY remnant, MY bride that faithfully watches for these signs.  These hidden secrets will unlock a path that you should narrowly follow to guide you out of the things coming to earth.  The secrets which are about to be revealed will be the keys to unlock the escape path.  

Follow the escape path.  It will lead directly to Me.  If you follow the path – what the unlocking of the secrets will bring – it will be under MY cloud and under MY fire.

As I did in the days of Moses, where MY fire and cloud protected and guided MY people in the wilderness - It will be so again as the days of Moses.  The unlocking of the secrets are keys only for the remnant. Only MY remnant will understand.  These keys will contain a lot of parables (in order for you to understand), but it will only be clear for MY remnant.  The rest will not understand.  Don’t try to convince another – this is how you will know them – MY remnant will understand the unlocking of the secrets and they will follow the Cloud and Fire set out for them.  

Do not murmur against ME when it begins – learn from MY people in the wilderness. I will bear you out on eagle’s wings, with a mighty hand I will save you.  I will feed you and look after you.  Learn and remember the mistakes of MY wilderness people. Trust in ME fully and I will lead you through it.  

Follow the Fire and the Cloud when the unlocking of the secrets begin.

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