On the edge of the Golden Gate the Father spoke (2021/03/28)

“Deborah as you sit on the edge of the Golden Gate – what do you see?”  

I see mountains Lord.

“I want you to speak into the hardest of heart.  The heart that contains rock.  I want you to speak into My people’s hearts”.

“I will change their hearts – and their hearts will become flesh and I will remove the stone heart, the rock heart out of their hearts and I will give them a heart of flesh, for they are My people, My house of Israel – the heart of My people”.“I will cause My breath to enter you dry-bones and you shall live.  My people, My breath will enter you and you shall live”

“You are My people – I need you to wake up!  I need you to fulfill your destiny, the very thing I created you to be”

“I am opening the gates for you to enter.  I only want your heart – your heart of flesh.”“The path that leads to Me is narrow and not many finds it. But the path to Me is simple.  If you accept Me and let Me into your life and love Me as I love you from the beginning of the world – then it will go well with you.  And that path that you’ve been travelling on will return you back to Me.  For you are Mine and I AM a good-good Father.  If your earthly father knows what is good for you – I, your heavenly Father will be able to give you much more what your earthy father can ever give you.  

I am drawing you back to Me.  I need you to come back to Me”“O dry-bones hear the word of the Lord – I am causing My breath to enter you.  My breath will enter you”“Forgive each other.  Forgive yourself.  

My first commandment is to love Me above all else.  Also love one another.  Love and forgive each other.  Love is the only thing that breaks -all resistance, -all boundaries.  

If you love Me, I’ll change your heart, that you would love others, make right with others – for the time is short.  For the time is short to make right”.

Key takeaways

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