WARNING –There is a plague of deception coming to the earth! (2021/03/15)

My children, beware of the plan of the evil one to lure you into thinking that – that plan which you believe feels good – that it might be from Me.  

Many people get sucked into situations and opportunities that they believe is from Me.  The evil one is very much aware of what transpires in your life, what is your hopes, dreams and desires.  If you do not wait for Me to answer you – to continue with a change or an open door or new opportunity; and that change/door/opportunity is not from Me – you will be deceived into thinking that it is My plan for you.  

You need to ask Me for divine protection in this day and hour.  The evil one and his forces come to rob, kill and destroy and if you are deceived into thinking it is MY door opening for you – you will be bruised and left with consequences.If you are already in such consequences, ask Me to heal those wounds and repair the circumstances. It can take a while to get you through it, but I will get you through it – but if you can be warned now, especially now in this time on earth where timing and choosing are at a tipping point – since time moves faster now.

Choices will be presented at a more rapid speed – and if you make the wrong turn now – your plan which I ordained for you can be out of place for your life.  If you are not at the right place at the right time, you can miss My protection and grace over your life.Many of My children blame Me if things do not work out as they planned it to be – after they thought that the change/door/opportunity was from Me – but it was not.  It was designed to deceive or trick them away from their destined path.

We pre-destined a couple of paths for each person on earth.  

As you use your free will and make your own decisions,  you move yourself from one pre-destined path to another.  When We speak or prophesy to you, We speak to you as you would walk in your ultimate highest pre-destined path; the path the great heroes of faith walked in.  You determine your own destination based on your free will choices.

If you make a wrong turn or open a door prematurely or open a door that the evil one places in front of you – it will let you move from one pre-destined path to a lower pre-destined path, that will create frustrations and wound you.You must pray and ask that you will fulfill your ultimate destiny: your highest pre-destined path.  I can restore you back to your ultimate destined path – the highest calling I spoke over your life.  

Yes, I CAN. Like the prodigal son, I can restore you.  

Come back to Me to restore you.  This is for you to know you can come back to ME to restore you in your ultimate path and also be awake and vigilant that you do not make any wrong turns at this point in time.As time grows lesser – the time to restore if you make a wrong turn or enter a new door which is not a door from Me, that time gap to restore becomes smaller and smaller.  Wait for My answer before you move. Come and enquire from Me before you make a change.  If that vision for change or an open door or new opportunity is from Me – you will not doubt in that decision, and peace above all understanding will be with you.  

Do not be deceived at this point in time.  

Deceived doors of opportunity will flood the earth now – because the evil one wants to derail you of your ultimate path which I called you to walk in.  Hold on to Me above all and only move on My direct clear instruction.This is a warning – not all dreams and opportunities are from Me.  You need to come now and enquire from Me.  There is a plague of deception coming to the earth – to deceive you to “follow your dream” – “your opportunity”.

Wait on Me for clear instructions.  I will speak to you if that vision is from Me.  Wait for My answer – it will be clear and direct.  No but’s or confusion.You need to let Me cover you under My shadow – for the earth is filled with the evil one’s plans to deceive My people.  Hide under My shadow – wait on Me – obey Me.  There you will be safe and you will be able to endure what is released on the earth.  

Only in My presence will you find rest and peace.  Come dwell with Me.  I am waiting for you.

[Grammer and spelling by Daleen Nel][Video and photography:  Amanda and Neil Loftus]

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