You (Neo) at a CROSSROAD with a spirit of Jezebel (Narcissist) Part 1

You (Neo) at a CROSSROAD with a spirit of Jezebel (Narcissist) Part 1 (by Deborah Melissa Möller)

Firstly I want to mention that there is no difference between a person harboring a Jezebel spirit and person that has a narcissist disorder.  People that has not yet taken the red pill - as referred to Neo in the Matrix - will refer to this as narcissism or the person being narcissist and they’ve got may theories and doctrines regarding it – for example they will say that you need to heal your own wounds then you will not attract this type of person in your life.  This might be true, but only to an extend…

but if you have taken the red pill as Neo in the Matrix you would understand that there is a spiritual effect to this Jezebel spirit.

The characteristics of a narcissist is the same for people harboring the Jezebel Spirit:  They Seduce and Reject you, they lie, they twist words, they manipulate, they dominate, they control, they spear you, they exploit your weaknesses ,they want to silence you and they want to make you feel like a DOORMAT, they are selfish… and the most evil of them all … they spiritually witchcraft you. So if a person harboring a Jezebel spirit prays for you … you need to cut off any soulish prayers and curses coming against you. Because this spirit is demonic.  This spirit is out to KILL, STEAL AND DESTROY your purpose and destiny. Most of the people harboring a Jezebel Spirit I encounter claims to be Christians – this we refer to as the bride of Babylon – since they are part of some Babylon system – in Babylon bondage

Even the Lord address this Jezebel spirit within the church in Rev 2:18-23

In all my experiences – I’ve never encounter a person harboring a Jezebel Spirit – that Repented and Truly Apologise to me.  They just can not Admit and say they’ve done any wrong and take responsibility for it.  This is a key and a simple test– if someone can not apologise and say “I am Sorry – I’ve done wrong” – you are dealing with a spirit of Jezebel.  This is one thing this Jezebel Spirit can not do – apologise – because they are self-righteous.

So those with a narcissist disorder – is just harbouring a demonic spirit and only two things need to happen for these people to be truly free:

1) TRUE REPENTANCE towards Jesus Christ/Yeshua and our Father in Heaven – even the Lord says in Rev 2 – I gave Her time to repent.

2) After true repentance – A willingness to lay down a life of pride and to walk in humility with a close relationship with HIM.

With regards to the person harboring the Jezebel spirit.  This spirit did enter the person through an open door – to which this person have given this Jezebel spirit legal right to enter.  This can happen through Rebellion towards God or sexual sin or some other door that was opened where the boundary line was crossed which is prohibited by the Lord.  So this spirit can only enter a person through LEGAL RIGHT – but if that Jezebel spirit enters a human – that human can be used by satan to KILL, STEAL AND DESTROY the CALLED, CHOSEN AND ANOINTED Leaders and Prophets of God.

They want you to give up and die like Elijah the prophet.  1 Kings 18 & 19So Elijah was on top of mount Carmel,

1) He calls fire from heaven on the burnt offering

2) Seize the prophets of Baal (450) and killed them

3) He was the prophet with sign and wonders on mount Carmel

4) Then ONE women, Jezebel sends a MESSAGE:  I will take your life.

Do you see the force effect of this spirit of Jezebel?… This prophet doing signs and wonders and then killing 450 Baal prophets – he was on top of the world… and One Women, just one… sends him a message – I will take your life… THIS IS THE EFFECT of a Jezebel Spirit – the spirit wants to destroy you… and it makes you feel like you want to die!The Bible clearly shows us that this spirit will come against two types of people:  the CALLED, CHOSEN AND ANOINTED Leaders and Prophets of God. That is the 2 … Leaders and Prophets.  So the theory what the blue pill people teach about narcissism is not that accurate … in that empaths or victims attract narcissist because they are wounded people…  NO - If you are Chosen or Called to be a Leader or a Prophet- this spirit of Jezebel will surely attack you and try to kill and destroy you and silence you… look at what happened to Elijah – he wanted to die.

BUT the Jezebel spirit is designed to destroy Leaders and Prophets of the Lord.  

The scale on which this Jezebel spirit operates is much larger than the normal blue pill thinking people – on how they label the narcissist personally disorder.  Jezebel is one of the 4 evil faces of satan – and the WAR in the heavenlies is this …… satan wants to destroy PURPOSE AND DESTINY on the chosen and called Leaders and Prophets – So if YOU ARE a Leader or Prophet – you will encounter this spirit coming against you …

So what to do – if this crossroad happens?

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You (Neo) at a CROSSROAD with a spirit of Jezebel (Narcissist) Part 1
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